Lacy Leaves Scarf

scarf_beginningI spent a good portion of the summer as Captain of the Sofa Committee as my foot doctor refers to it. I had foot surgery in July and ‘rode the couch’ for about eight weeks. To not going completely insane, I thought I would tackle a knitting project. I haven’t done much knitting, so it needed to be a pretty easy project.    I decided to make a scarf for a close friend of mine and asked her to pick out the yarn. I ran across this pattern online and likes the texture that the pattern created.

Since this pattern had a 12-row repeat, I decided I needed a checklist to keep track of where I was. I created a spreadsheet with the stitch patter laid out by repeat row. I printed out a copy and made a checkmark each time I completed a row. Not sure this is the best method, but it worked for me. Definitely not a mindlessly-knit-in-front-of-the-TV sort of pattern.

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 12.50.25 PM

Once I was done with the scarf – I was really torn about blocking it. I really liked the 3-D nature of the lace pattern, but knew I needed to block it to get the edges to lay flat.

Prior to blocking, the raised pattern really shines through, as do the curled edges! The left side of the picture is the back of the scarf, the right side is, well,the right side.


During the blocking process pinned to the guest bed. I have never bought special wool wash for this step. I just use a capful of Woolite in a sink of warm water – soak for 10-15 minutes, roll in a towel to remove excess moisture and pin in place..


The final scarf still shows the pattern well. Not a good picture, but the scarf has departed to its forever home already.



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