Greenway Quilt

afghan1Ok, it’s not a quilt, it’s a small Afghan. But I hate the word Afghan – it sounds so 70s and reminds me of the perpetual Fall colors of my childhood – browns, oranges, and golds.

I found this free pattern on the Berroco site. I loved the colors in the picture and ordered the matching yarn. The instructions were a bit weak in the free version of the pattern. But, with some help from posts on Ravelry I was able to learn the various stitches. This was by far my most ambitious crocheting project to date.

I’m the type to have several projects going at once. This took me a year to finish; I would pick it up, put it down. I was out of commission for a while after a major surgery so didn’t make progress for a while. Each row took be about an hour so I would estimate that it took me about 200 hours to finish.

The finished product is a nice tight pattern providing for a warm blanket. Popular with the cat as well.



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