Quilts for Dogs?

Sometimes pets are as important as people in our lives. This is definitely true for my sister-in-law Lori. For Christmas 2013, I made a quilt for each of her dogs. I try not to think of the amount of labor that went into two quilts that will be laid on, chewed, and dragged through the dirt. But in the end it is about making items for those we love.

I made two quilts, one for each dog. The first quilt was a bit larger (30×40) to accommodate a Weimaraner. I thought the colors would go well with her coat. My cat is showing her affection for the new quilt  while I was trying to take photos, but she gives  a sense of scale.



 The second quilt (24×30) was for a white Fox Terrier, named Daisy, which drove to me choose this particular fabric and I thought the bright colors would look be a good contrast.


For the backing, I used a dog bone patterned fabric, and if you look really  closely you can see where I embroidered the dog’s name onto the quilt.







Finally, we have the recipients enjoying their Christmas gifts.



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