Tomatilla Salsa

Tomatillas have a wonderful mild and tangy flavor that make for a great tasting salsa. I originally received this recipe from my friend Erena to make with canned tomatillas. WhileIMG_0551 that recipe is good, I thought it would task even better if we roasted our own. Depending on your region, you should be able to buy tomatillas in their husk in the late summer and early fall. If you are a gardnerer – growing tomatillas is just like tomatoes, but easier. One caution, you need at least two tomatilla plants to ensure pollination and fruiting.   Fast forward to the end of summer. I have harvested all my tomatillas on the same day, removed their husks and given them a light wash. The green skins are sticky, but that’s fine – don’t waste effort trying to remove the stickiness., it doesn’t affect the outcome. It’s time to stoke up the grill. Grill the tomatillas, onions, and jalepenos (depending on spice desired). You can see that I use all sizes of tomatillas. As long as the fruit is firm and not mushy (rotting) they are fine. Roast them in the fashion turning at least once for about 20 minutes over medium heat. Tomatillas will slowly blacken and many will even pop during the cooking process. Remove and cool the veggies and use in the recipe below. I always add one can of tomatillas as well. Their consistency is slightly different and helps pull together the salsa. The recipe below is for canned tomatillas which will provide the ratios to use regardless of how large a batch you make. We store the salsa in canning jars and freeze them.

4-10 oz. cans of tomatillas, drained (above photo is roughly 4 cans) P1010438

1 onion

3 cloves garlic

1 large handful of cilantro (to taste)

1-2 T. lime juice

1 jalapeño, if desired

salt, to taste

Blend all ingredients except salt and lime in batches in a food processor. Blend until smooth. To last batch, add salt and lime and blend just to mix. Combine all batches in a large bowl and taste test before putting in jars for storage. Will keep refrigerator for a few months or frozen for over 2 years.



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