After almost 18 years of working corporate jobs at breakneck speed (I don’t seem to have a low-setting) I find myself drawn to more and more to honing domestic skills that were of more interest to my grandmother than even my mother. I love to make things from scratch; I’ve always loved baking, but in the past few years, this has expanded to having my own garden, which leads to preserving foods. And in an attempt to spend less time on my computer, thinking it would help my headaches, I took up crocheting last fall and this summer a colleague introduced me to quilting.

I can’t seem to say no to learning a  ‘handmade’ or ‘handicraft’ and I wish I were able to quit my job and dedicate myself full-time to keeping the home fires burning and performing the domestic tasks that I find easy to romanticize as an alternative to a 50-60 hour corporate work week. This blog is dedicated to my stops and starts, successes and failures, and other miscellaneous antics in pursuit of finding my inner June Cleaver. Perhaps I am more of a Betty Draper…we’ll see.


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